Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and comments are available in our Q&A.
It may take some time to respond to inquiries using the inquiry form, so please read them before inquiries.

Ticket Purchase

. How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets for the Art Aquarium can be purchased in advance from this site.
Some tickets may be sold on the day of the event, but it may be sold out, so we recommend purchasing the WEB ticket in advance.

. How do I purchase tickets?

Please select your desired ticket from this site and purchase it. You can pay by credit card or convenience store.
When payment is complete, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. The purchase confirmation email contains the application number for confirming the entrance ticket, so please keep it in a safe place until you come to the venue.
A purchase completion email will be sent from the "" address.
If you have specified the domain for incoming mail in the spam mail settings of your mobile phone, you need to make settings so that you can receive mail from "".
*For detailed setting method, please contact the counter of each mobile communication carrier you are using.

. What are the supported terminals and operating systems recommended environments?

It can be used on computers, smartphones and tablets.
*Cannot be used with feature phone (Galaké).

. Do you have same-day tickets?

Same-day admission tickets can be purchased from the on-site ticket vending machine.
A ticket with a QR code will be printed after you purchase an admission ticket at the ticket machine. Please be careful not to forget the printed ticket.
*If the number of prints reaches the planned number, it may be sold out or sold out. Please note.
* If the WEB ticket is sold out, the same-day ticket will not be available.

. How many tickets can I purchase at a time?

You can purchase up to 20 tickets (regardless of ticket type) with one application. If you are visiting as a group, please contact Contact us.

. Is there an age limit for purchasing tickets?

Admission ticket is required for junior high school students and above.
* Up to 2 children (elementary school students and younger) can enter free of charge per admission ticket.
A normal fee will be charged from the third person.
Example: If you have 3 entrance tickets, up to 6 children can enter for free.
*Children must be accompanied by a guardian.
*Tickets other than the admission ticket (audio guide etc.) can be purchased regardless of age.

. Can I buy tickets from overseas?

Tickets can also be purchased from overseas. Please note that you will need to display the purchased QR code ticket on your smartphone screen or bring a printed copy of the ticket.

. I did not receive the purchase completion email after I purchased the ticket.

If you did not receive the purchase completion email to the email address you registered at the time of purchase, please check the following:

・Have you been sent to your spam folder as spam?

・Is there a mistake in the email address you registered at the time of purchase?
If multiple email addresses are used, the purchase completion email may be sent to another email address. Please check the inbox folder of another email address.

・If you entered your email address incorrectly,please contact us. Please contact us .

. I registered the wrong information when I purchased the ticket. Can I fix it?

You cannot change the information registered at the time of purchase. If you would liketo make changes, please contactus.

. Can I change or cancel my purchased ticket?

In principle, we do not accept refunds or changes due to customer's convenience after the purchase is completed. Please note.

. Can I confirm my purchase?

You can check it from the application inquiry page. You will need your application number and the email address registered at the time of purchase.

. Is it possible to confirm if I forgot or lost my application number?

You can find your application number in the purchase completion email. If you can't find the purchase completion email,please contact us.

. Is there a discount ticket for people with disabilities?

Discount tickets for people with disabilities are not available. Thank you for your understanding.

. How do I purchase tickets at the ticket vending machine?

Please select the number of tickets you want and pay with a credit card or cash.

How to Pay

. How do I pay for tickets?

Credit cards are accepted.

. Are there any fees other than the ticket price?

The payment is only for the ticket price. There are no fees.

Ticket issuance

. How do I check my purchased tickets?

You can check it on the purchase history page.
* Tickets purchased before the facility opens can be confirmed approximately one week before the opening date.

. How do I enter the day?

When entering, please display the QR code screen of the application inquiry page on your smartphone or tablet and present it at the entrance gate. You can also
print the QR code and bring it with you.

. How do I distribute tickets to my companions?

From the purchase history page, you can select the ticket you want to distribute and distribute it by email or LINE.